Childish actions bewilder me

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I heard a saying once “never work with children or animals”. It has taken me 55 years to really understand what this meant. The penny finally dropped at full council on Tues 29th of July 2014.

The childish antics and actions of so called leaders and community champions over the last three years of full council meetings have left me bewildered and speechless, (This does not happen often, ask anyone who knows me).

It culminated on 29th. It doesn’t end there here is a copy of a tweet made by the Labour leader after the full council meeting is this really what the council tax payers of Mansfield pay for, the expression sticks and stones comes to mind. If you have something to say to me Coun LEE don’t hide like school kid behind your lieutenants at full Council, don’t hide behind twitter come and tell me like an adult, face to face I question who is spineless.

I am tired of listening to nothing more than political “my dad is bigger than your dad” talk.

When Council business ends and ridiculous notions are put forward by Labour Councillors so they can have a snigger and swipe at other councillors, not in their group, I ask you what is more important taking this district forward or asking for councillor’s attendance records to be docked because they do not stay for the full meeting.

It would appear labour are saying non-attendance is better than leaving early, which will no doubt be what they will be saying come May 2015 when they have to defend poor attendance records at the next elections, take a look on the MDC website to see who is really working for the district.

Coun Ward cries out about respect, this from one of the most disrespectful Councillors I have the pleasure of working with, unless of course you in her gang of Labour Councillors.

I mentioned it in my last column and I am mentioning it again now, let’s put Mansfield first, party politics should play no play no part in taking this district to where it deserves to be.

It’s great to see high on Labour’s agenda and a top priority is building houses and Labour councillors as Directors of MDC housing company will push this forward, it is just a pity we have missed out on three years’ worth of building in the town because Labour councillors voted down a company which was already building houses in conjunction with MDC, why, because there were no Labour councillors involved in it. A Labour initiative I think not, a high jacked at Full Council, I think so. Well done.

I must congratulate Parks staff, friends groups, schools and community groups who prove that by working together regardless of political bias, great things can happen.

Five Mansfield Parks awarded national accreditation with the prestigious Green Flag Awards one of which for the first time. King George V and Peafield, Titchfield, Carr Bank, Yeoman Hill, well done to everyone involved.

I intended putting two more forward again next year as I think it is important to promote parks, and activities on parks at every given opportunity.

Work is underway to ensure we can put the Carrs at Warsop forward next year and spread them right across the district.

Well done to all the local athletes taking part in the Commonwealth games you are all a constant inspiration to us and show true commitment and effort.