Cheeseburger pushed though woman’s letterbox in Mansfield

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An unknown visitor left a strange calling card when they posted a bacon burger through a Mansfield woman’s letter box.

Jamie Lee Guinnane claims she woke up to find the burger wedged in her letter box and a carton of chips outside on her bin last Sunday (February 5).

Coincidentally she says it was exactly the same type of burger she had ordered earlier in the evening - but she had fallen asleep and was unable to take the delivery.

She said; “I ordered a burger meal online and I said I would pay cash.

“I was on my own and had a drank a bottle of wine.

“I fell asleep.

“When I woke up I discovered there was a cheeseburger hanging through my letterbox.

“They must have thought it was OK to post the cheeseburger.

“It was my fault entirely that I fell asleep and I would have apologised and paid for the burger.”

Chad rang the takeaway said she had ordered from and a man who refused to give his name said: “It could have been anyone who put that through her letterbox.”