Cheers! New cocktail bar opening in Mansfield


A new cocktail bar will be opened by Mayor Kate Allsop in September.

The bar is being opened by owners of Ciao Bella in the 140 year old, grade two listed building in the historic Cattle Market on Nottingham Road.
The bar, called Ciao Bella Lounge will be next door to popular Italian restaurant Ciao Bella, and will share a kitchen.
Ciao Bella Lounge will offer upmarket lagers, champagne and cocktails in the evening, as well as entertainment such as live music.
Owner Tamer Abouelela said: “Ciao Bella has been open for three years now, and has gone from strength to strength. I can’t wait for Ciao Bella Lounge to open - Mansfield desperately needs an upmarket cocktail bar!”
As well as being open in the evening for drinks, Ciao Bella Lounge will also offer casual dining, with breakfasts, light lunches, and coffee and cake available during the day.
Mr Abouelela said that the decor will be very modern.
He added: “I would like to thank all of my customers. Without them, we wouldn’t be here.”
The bar will be opened by Mayor Kate Allsop on September 17, for an opening night event, and will be open to the public from September 19.
There will also be five to six new jobs created, in a boost to the town’s economy.
Ciao Bella lounge will open from 8am until around 12pm