Cheap burglar alarms for Amber Valley residents

Residents in Amber Valley have the chance to buy cut-price burglar alarms for their homes as a result of a project being re-introduced by Amber Valley Community Safety Partnership.

In the past the Partnership has given £100-off vouchers to householders to encourage them to invest in a professionally fitted alarm and says residents who have taken up the offer have not fallen victim to a break-in since the alarm system was fitted.

And it is this success that has led to the decision to re-introduce the scheme, particularly because the latest figures available show that October 2011 saw the borough experience its highest number of domestic burglaries since September 2010.

The level of burglary in the borough is still relatively low and well within the target set for the Partnership, but it says it is keen to deliver actions that help prevent any further increases in incidents.

Vicki England, Assistant Community Safety Officer with the Partnership, said: “Having an alarm fitted provides a very effective deterrent to would-be offenders. Given the choice between a property with an alarm and one without, there is no doubt which one a would-be burglar would target.

“We encourage everyone who can afford to have a burglar alarm professionally fitted at their home to do so, and we hope that by offering a £100 discount on this we will encourage those who think it is just too expensive for them to change their mind.”

In giving the vouchers away the Partnership will give preference to residents in “hot-spot” areas and to households with older people, vulnerable residents or young children. But, it says, it is worth anyone who is considering having an alarm fitted giving them a call.

“Incidents of domestic burglary are still relatively low in Amber Valley and we are keen to work to keep it that way,” Vicki England said. “As well as preventing burglary the alarms will also help reassure communities and this is another important aim for us.”