Charity calendar takes you through Selston, Underwood, and Jacksdale’s past

Emma Olden, Mark Newland and Dawn Justice with the Selston and Underwood calendar.
Emma Olden, Mark Newland and Dawn Justice with the Selston and Underwood calendar.

A new calendar will look back into Selston, Underwood, and Jacksdale’s past to raise money for a good cause.

Emma Olden from Selston said the idea for a calendar came to her in a dream.

Emma said: “I had a dream that we did a local silly calendar.

“I woke up and messaged my friend Mark Newland, who runs his own design business, to ask the easiest way to make a calendar”

Emma began the project with Dawn Justice from Underwood, and Mark Newland from Mark Newland Art and Design volunteered his time and skills for free to help the friends complete their project.

Mark said: “We came together to make the calendar for a good cause, and it’s gone really well.”

Emma put out a plea on Facebook asking for pictures of the area from times gone by, and the trio were inundated with old pictures of Selston, Underwood and Jacksdale.

Narrowing the pictures down to just twelve proved to be very difficult.

Emma added: “The hardest part was choosing the best pictures, we wanted to include all areas of the Parish as best we could!”

The calendar has been sponsored by local businesses, making it a real community effort.

So far, 150 orders have already been taken for the calendar, with some orders from as far afield as New Zealand, Australia and America.

Any funds raised from the calendar will go towards Christmas lights and decorations in Selston, Jacksdale and Underwood.

Committees have been set up to organise trees and lights for each area to look festive, and the proceeds will be split between all three committees.

The group have already set their sights on 2019’s calendar.

Emma said: “We are looking for people’s pictures of the Parish throughout the year, to be featured in next years calendar.”

The group are hoping next years calendar will prove to be as successful as this years, which are being sold as fast as they can be printed.

Emma added: “I’m so proud, the finished product is amazing.

“I was really overwhelemed when I first saw them, they are really nice.”

The A3 calendars are £7.50 each, if you would like to order one, contact either Emma Olden on 07971 730836, Dawn Justice on 07799 883046 or Mark Newland on 07572 453724,