Changes to Council Tax discount on empty homes in Mansfield district

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Mansfield District Council is introducing changes to Council Tax discounts on empty properties.

From 1st April, full Council Tax on empty properties that are substantially unfurnished will be payable after three months instead of the current six months.

A discount of 75 per cent will apply for the first three months. It is estimated that this change will affect around 600 properties.

An Empty Council Tax Premium of 50 per cent will also be charged when a property has been empty for two years or more. This means that the owner will be required to pay the full Council Tax, plus an additional 50 per cent. This will affect an estimated 200 properties.

The changes follow on from a consultation carried out by the council at the end of last year, when questionnaires were sent out to owners who currently receive a discount on empty properties.

A random sample of Council Taxpayers was also canvassed to establish their views on the proposals.

Coun Roger Sutcliffe, portfolio holder for resource and deputy mayor, said: “ These changes will support the Council’s aim of bringing empty properties back into use more quickly and will help to reduce anti-social behaviour around the properties.”