Chad photo competition winners set to be announced

CHAD’s new Young Photographer of the Year will be crowned next week.

Entries for our ever-popular competition have now closed with all images set to go before the Chad judging panel.

The standard of entries has been as impressive as ever with young photographers across the district eager to land the coveted title.

The contest was open to anyone aged under 17 across the area and had the theme ‘what does it mean to be young in Mansfield and Ashfield?’

Amongst the entries is this youthful picture (top right) taken by Mansfield Woodhouse teen Charlotte Morley.

Charlotte (15) said: “Photography is a passion of mine and I’d love to pursue it as a career

“In the photo are four of my friends. We went on a walk to the woods near my house and I managed to get a lot of good photos.

“I love this photo because it shows that teenagers aren’t always smoking, drinking, putting graffiti on walls and causing problems. There are plenty of good young people out there.”

“We like to just have a chilled day out. The colours in the picture are beautiful and reflect the happy mood we were all in.”

Brittany Murphy also captured life in full swing with this image (below) of a floChad once again teamed up with The Vector Studio, which is based at 81 Fackley Way, Sutton, to offer a fantastic set of prizes - with the winner set to pick up a 30 x 20 inch canvas print of their winning image.

The second placed entrant will receive a 20 x 16 inch canvas, with the third placed finalist collecting a 16 x 12 image.

Nick Fitton, of Sutton, believes natural beauty is key to being youthful in the district, and he chose to take this rather calming image of King’s Mill Reservoir.

Get your copy of next week’s Chad to find out who our winner is.