Chad intervention helps remove dumped toxic waste

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A frustrated resident has thanked Chad after helping ensure the removal a skip full of fly-tipped toxic asbestos from outside of his flat.

Sandy Henry had contacted Mansfield District Council, Nottinghamshire County Council, and the skip-hire company, but the hazardous were left poking out of the skip on Shirland Drive for almost a month.

Workmen had been using the skip while fitting a new bathroom in a neighbouring property, but then a man was twice spotted dumping the red asbestos bags full of old roofing taken from the back of Peugeot estate car.

But after Chad made inquiries on Friday, the skip hire firm returned on Monday to finally take it away.

“It definitely helped, otherwise we might have still been here waiting.

“I was in touch with the council and nothing happened, but we’re glad that it’s finally gone.

My Henry, who has lived in his ground-floor flat for more than 12 years, added: “It was there for about four weeks now and it needs shifting, this is dangerous stuff.

“It was getting ridiculous and beyond a joke.

“I was angry because it was the first thing I see when I looked out of my window.

“There are people rummaging through the skip night and day. You try to keep your own area tidy and then this happens.”

Mr Henry says his boxer dog, Duke, has even been left ill by the discarded waste after sniffing around the skip.

“It’s cost me in vets’ bills, but I don’t care as long as he’s okay,”added Mr Henry.

“I work for the council and if we saw anything like this we would have to leave it for the experts to pick it up.”

Coun Mick Barton, chief of public protection at Mansfield District Council, said: “The council is investigating a report of fly-tipping and, where possible, will always seek to prosecute those responsible.

To report fly-tipping, contact 01623 463463.