Chad comes to the rescue of speeding motorist

Don Austin of Mansfield who had trouble with his drivers' awareness course.
Don Austin of Mansfield who had trouble with his drivers' awareness course.

The Chad has come to the rescue of a Mansfield motorist who was left out of pocket following a clerical cock-up.

Don Austin, of Houfton Road, admitted a charge speeding in December and was given the option of either a £60 fine and three points on his licence, or to take part a driver awareness course for a fee of £92.50.

After sending off a postal order for the course, he was later contacted by the organisers, AA DriveTech UK, saying the money had not arrived.

Despite the Post Office assuring him the postal order had been cashed, AA DriveTech UK were adamant they did not have the money.

But just hours after the Chad contacted the firm, they rang Mr Austin to say the money had been found, issuing an apology.

A spokesman for the company said records showed Mr Austin’s postal order was returned because it was made out to the AA instead of DriveTech UK Ltd,

They added: “We will be addressing what has happened internally to ensure it does not happen again. We have contacted Mr Austin to apologise unreservedly for our mistake and to book him onto another course.”

Mr Austin had been caught driving at 38mph in a 30 zone on Quaker Way.

He thanked the Chad, but now says he is uncertain whether he will now book onto the course, adding: “It shouldn’t have happened in the first place, I’m still going to have pay the money and 
who’s to say it won’t happen again?

“I fully admit I was speeding, I did wrong, but I just wish I’d taken the points and paid the fine.”