Chad Chefs at Launay’s

THIS week’s Chad Chef, the fifth in our Chad Chefs professional cooks video series at, features Alain Launay, co-owner and head chef, at Launays, at Edwinstowe, cooking venison pie.

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Launay's Chad chef.

Launay's Chad chef.

Venison pie


250g venison haunch

1tbsp butter

1tbsp oil

1 garlic clove

1tsp juniper berries

½ small onion

175ml red wine

1tsp brown sugar


250g plain flour

125g butter

5cl water

1 egg yolk

Celeriac puree

1 small celeriac

¼ pt milk

1tbsp butter


100g diced pancetta

100g silverskin onion

Curly endive


Rub flour & butter together in a bowl

Add water & egg yolk

Work pastry till smooth (don’t overwork it)

Roll pastry out thinly, place into individual pastry rings, leaving pastry hanging over the sides

Prick the bottom with a fork

Cover with greaseproof paper & dried beans / baking beans

Place in fridge for 20mins

Bake blind 200c 15mins

Leave to cool then cut excess pastry from round the ring

Celeriac puree:

Peel & dice celeriac

Place in saucepan, cover with milk & butter, top up with water if necessary

Cook until tender

Drain (keep some of the cooking liquid), blend until smooth, adding some of the cooking liquid, season with salt & pepper


Melt butter in oil on high heat (use a frying pan that can go in the oven or small roasting tin)

Sear venison haunch

Roast in oven 12-15 mins 200c

Remove from oven, let the meat rest

In the roasting pan, add chopped onion, crushed garlic & crushed juniper berries, sweat for 2 mins

Add brown sugar and caramalise

Add red wine and reduce until you have the consistency of a sauce

Sieve into a sauce boat until ready to serve

To garnish, sauté pancetta & silverskin onions in a little oil & butter

To serve:

Place tart on a round plate

Line bottom of cooked pastry tart with the celeriac puree

Slice the rested venison, arrange on top of the celeriac puree

Scatter the pancetta & silverskin onions around the tart

Pour a little sauce on the tart and around the plate

Place a little curly endive salad on top of the venison