CCTV to be worn by town’s doormen

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Boozed-up trouble-makers may soon think twice before causing mischief at town nightspots if new security measures go ahead.

A Mansfield doorstaff firm will soon be wearing CCTV cameras in their clothing as part of a bid to stop drink-related crime before it starts.

The cameras will be visible to customers at several nights spots, including Mansfield’s Market Inn and the Dial Hotel.

Matt Clark, director at Guardwise Security Limited, said: “People can see the cameras when they are speaking to our supervisors.

“It will deter a lot of trouble - we get spat at, people threatening to stab us and all sorts out of camera view.

“But if we can tell them it is all on camera that will stop trouble before it begins.”

Few regular Chad readers will have forgotten last year’s jailing of George Fessey - a Mansfield bouncer who body-slammed a Mansfield reveller during a festive night out, causing brain damage.

But Matt believes the new cameras will also help deter just this kind of incident.

He added: “This will deter crime and disorder from customers in pubs but it will also make door supervisors think before acting in such a way.

“Research from other towns and cities has proven that they helped cut crime.

“They are there to protect the public and they provide good evidence too.

“We wanted to be the first security company in the area to trial these on the Mansfield pubs and clubs.”

Matt said the cameras would be in place by the end of April and, if successful, would be rolled out to the other night spots they are responsible for, including Illusions and Rush.