Catch runner Stuart on his 500 mile charity run as he passes through Ashfield

Stuart Amory
Stuart Amory

Personal trainer Stuart Amory will pass through Nottinghamshire on his 520 mile run from London to Aberdeenshire today (August 3)

Stuart is undertaking the huge trek to raise money for mental health charity MIND.

Stuart is running from where he lives in South-West London to his girlfriend, Sara, in Aberdeenshire to show gratitude for what he has in his life - legs that work, support of friends, family and major companies that are his work clients.

Through raising money for Mind, he hopes to try and lift the stigma about mental health illness, especially around that fact that men don’t really talk about their problems, and hopes this run will encourage men get help and talk to someone.

Stuart said: "Sara lives in Aberdeenshire and I live in London, so I had the idea to run from where I live up to where she lives. I was listening to 500 miles by the Proclaimers and thought, Sara lives 500 miles away, I should run up to her."

"I wanted to challenge myself and see if I could do it. I've suffered with mental health and other I know have too. I've called it the run of gratitude because I am thankful for what I've got, and I also wanted to raise awareness about mental health.

"I'm a personal trainer and a lot of of my clients tell me that they suffer too, it really is a silent killer."

Stuart has already touched people's lives on his journey, with one mum reaching out to him, as her son had just been diagnosed with depression and anxiety.

She asked if her and her son could run with Stuart for a small part of his journey, and Stuart said that getting the message out there and helping people was emotional for him.

Stuart has already racked up 140 miles and is aiming to cover 36 miles a day, which is he finding tough.

Stuart is currently passing through Highbury Vale, and is shortly expected to pass through Hucknall on Nottingham road, onto Derby Road, Annesley then through the Skegby trail at Sutton at around midday.

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