Cat shot with air rifle in Mansfield Woodhouse has ‘worst injuries police have ever seen’

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Mansfield Police have appealed for information after a cat was shot at point-blank range, leading to the ‘worst injuries’ they had seen.

The incident happened on June 9 on Slant Lane, Mansfield Woodhouse, between 8:45 and 12:00.

Fred, the cat, was found by his owner in a state described by police as ‘horrific’.

Mansfield police said: “It was established that he had been shot at point blank range with an air rifle, the worst injury of its kind that [the police] had ever seen.”

The appealed for information as to what happened on their Twitter page.

On Twitter, Claire Roberts said: “What is this world coming to? Who in their right mind shoots a cat? A very worrying world we live in. Thoughts with the owner who must be beside themselves.”

Kate Ellis added: “Poor Fred, hope they catch whoever did this.”

And Adrian Lloyd added: “Deplorable, I hope you catch the person responsible soon”

Police are investigating, and have asked anyone with information to call 101.