Carers get more support

A young pregnant carer sits drinking a cup of tea with her elderly home care pacient
A young pregnant carer sits drinking a cup of tea with her elderly home care pacient

A service set up to offer help and support to people caring for a loved one has benefitted 807 carers since its launch.

Nottinghamshire County Council and the six clinical commissioning groups across the county commissioned the Carers Trust East Midlands to set up the ‘Nottinghamshire Carers Hub’, which is funded up until April 2018.

The service aims to offer carers across the county a range of support, including information, advice and guidance, short break accommodation, grants and free training. Carers may be eligible for free memberships to a local health spa or gym to benefit their health and wellbeing through the hub, which is also supporting local carer groups to provide information, guidance and peer support for carers.

In addition, the hub has recruited volunteers to carry out visits to carers’ homes in the south of the county to provide support, share their experiences and give practical help and advice. The hub has plans to expand its offer by starting up drop-in sessions and carers groups in areas not currently covered by such support, and encourage more volunteers in the north of the county to offer advice and support to other carers.

Councillor Muriel Weisz, chairman of Nottinghamshire County Council’s adult social care and health committee, said: “Caring for a loved one can have a huge impact on the health and wellbeing of the carer so this service aims to reduce social isolation by creating carer networks and allow them to recharge their batteries through breaks and health spa memberships.”

Yvonne Robinson from Sutton-in-Ashfield cares for her 90-year-old mother-in-law Della Turner, who has mobility problems, is hard of hearing and has impaired vision. She carries out her personal care, cleaning, shopping and cooks most of her meals.

She has been offered a concession at a local gym which reduces the cost of her carry out ‘aqua fit’ sessions three times a week and training to assist her with her caring duties.

She said: “The ‘aqua fit’ sessions help me to keep fit and flexible, which allows me to carry on with my caring duties as well as help take my mind off these responsibilities.”

Call Carers Trust East Midlands on 0115 8248824 or visit www.carerstrustem.org