Car seized in police crackdown on nuisance driving

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Police have

Police have seized a car being driven recklessly on private land in a crackdown on rogue drivers.

After a report by a concerned resident in Clipstone a 4x4 vehicle being driven illegally on private land was located and seized by the local beat team on Sunday evening (March 11).

The vehicle was driving in a reckless manner on The Coal Authority land in Clipstone and caused damaged to land and trees.

Nottinghamshire police say the vehicle was seized as part of an ongoing initiative in the Newark and Sherwood area targeting the illegal use of off-road motorbikes, quad bikes and other nuisance vehicles on private or public land.

It is just one of a number of initiatives launched as part of Force’s ongoing drive to tackle the issue which has blighted communities across the county.

As well facing prosecution and having their vehicles seized and potentially destroyed, riders persistently committing anti-social behaviour are being warned they could face further consequences.

These could include, but are not limited to:

* Being issued with a Section 59 Warning Notice

* Being issued with a Community Protection Notice

* Being issued with a Noise Abatement Notice

* Being made subject of a Criminal Behaviour Order

* Being issued with a Council House Possession Notice

High visibility patrols and dedicated operations will continue to run to address the issue and take action.