Cancer care: family will never forget


My wife died recently from terminal cancer. At the onset of the illness we were given three options and we elected to go for palliative care.

To begin with we were lost, having never been ill before, and then we were found by the Macmillan Nurses. They together with the Community Nurses were superb. Everything we needed they provided.

They were sensitive, reassuring and totally professional.

Whenever they arrived the clock stopped and they set about their tasks with an unhurried calm expertise that was so comforting. When they left us there was always the mantra ‘ Don’t forget to give us a call if you are the least bit worried - we are available 24/7.’

An American member of the family who was with us to the end said ‘to engage that degree of professionalism in Texas you would have to be very rich.’

You lost the battle, against a very aggressive opponent, but, you have certainly won the heartfelt gratitude of this family.

We will never forget the nurses and doctors who worked so hard to ensure that there was minimal pain. We thank you from both sides of the Atlantic.

Alan Beecroft