Can you give loveable Mansfield Micro Pigs a new home?

These loveable Micro-Pigs Alfie and Tyson enjoy playing with toys and being cuddled. But since they outgrew their owner’s small garden, they are desperately seeking a new home.

Micro pigs Alfie and Tyson looking for a new home
Micro pigs Alfie and Tyson looking for a new home

Standing around 15 inches tall, Two-year-old’s Alfie and Tyson are not your typical household pets.

Mansfield owners, Michaela Hudson-Smyth and David Perkins, are asking for loving new owners to take on their Micro Pigs.

When Michaela met her partner David, she also fell in love with his two miniature pigs, but two-years on the petite porkers have outgrown their owner’s garden enclosure.

Michaela said: “We really don’t want them to be put down or see them sent to the meat factory which is why we are making this appeal to find them a loving home.

“We have asked just about everywhere and we don’t know where to turn.

“If we had the room we wouldn’t be getting rid of them but we only have a small garden and I think we are being cruel keeping them in such a small enclosure.

“They just want to run around and play, so a family would be more than ideal or a petting farm.”

Michaela and David are giving their treasured pets away for free on the condition they go to loving new owners.

The Micro Pigs, which are about the size of a small dog and weigh around 65Ib, are now fully grown and if looked after can live between 12 and 20 years.

Michaela added: “They are a very friendly pair of males, one is a greyish colour with black patches and the other is smoky grey.

“They have been snipped but need more space and loving people that have more time for them.”

If you are interested in giving Alfie and Tyson a new home, contact Michaela or David by emailing [email protected] or [email protected]