Can you adopt this one eared cat?

Find Jynx a new home.
Find Jynx a new home.

An one eared tabby is looking for a new home, after its 96-year-old owner sadly past away.

Jynx, is a 15-year-old ginger and white domestic cat, who had his ear removed in November last year due to a lump which caused his ear to fold over.

Claire Matan, who is a veterinary nurse at Sutton's Vets 4 Pets is trying to re-home Jynx who belonged to her grandmother.

Claire's grandmother Mary Ingram, passed away in October and Jynx has been living in her house since, visited by family members multiple times a day.

As Mary's house is due to be sold the family are searching for a 'forever home' for Jynx.

The 33-year-old said: " He is very friendly all he wants is attention, if you sat down he will get on your knee - when he gets to know you.

"I have five cats, it would be too much for him to live with me. He can't have a chaotic lifestyle he is not use to it.

"We didn't move him from the house because we did not want to cause him stress.

"It is a very hard decisions for all of us to let him go, but we need to give him the right home."

Jynx is a neutered male who is looking for a home with no or one cat.

If you can offer him a home please ring the vets on 01623 557014.