Calls to end Mill Dam dredging row

Mill Dam, Warsop. Suggestions that it might be filled in.
Mill Dam, Warsop. Suggestions that it might be filled in.

A councillor is calling for the long-running row over the clearance of a local pond to be resolved once and for all.

Coun Phillip Shields says a public meeting is urgently needed to decide the best course of action to have Mill Dam, on The Carrs Nature Reserve in Warsop, de-silted.

A recent £67,000 dredging job of the silt trap was described as a ‘disaster’ by locals, and various agencies were left blaming each other for the poor outcome, including Mansfield District Council, the Environment Agency, Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust and the Friends of the Carrs.

Coun Shields, who sits on both Mansfield District Council and Warsop Parish Council, is keen to get all of the agencies around the table, along with locals who are passionate about the project, to thrash out a course of action.

He said: “We need a public meeting, and let’s see how many turn up. If there was over 100, it would be great.

“There’s nobody more passionate about The Carrs than me.”

Coun Shields has submitted a request to Mansfield District Council for £100,000 to be allocated from next year’s budget to finally get the job done properly.

“We are committed to getting this project delivered, it’s well overdue.”

Funding was secured in 2011 to have the pond de-silted, but work was plagued with delays.

Eventually 50 tonnes of silt was pumped from the silt trap, but many were not happy with the outcome of the work.

The water level at the dam is currently low which is exposing a substantial amount of litter and debris, causing further concern among locals.

Coun Shields expects it will take around £100,000 to get the work done to a satisfactory level, however, he says grant money from the SITA Trust, an environmental funding group which they had initially looked to, would not come close to covering the cost.