Call for action over ‘horror’ road junction

A MOTORIST is calling for council chiefs to make improvements to an ‘horrendous’ junction that can leave motorists waiting for ages to turn onto a busy road.

Sue Peat said that every night on her way home from her workplace on the Hazelford Way Industrial Estate in Newstead, she gets stuck for minutes at a time, waiting to turn right out of Annesley Cutting onto the A611 Derby Road.

“It’s the same everyday,” said Sue, of Park Avenue, Annesley.

“I have spoken to no end of people about it and they all say they have been suffering for years too.”

Sue said that sometimes nobody will let you out of the road, while at other times there have been near misses when a car in one direction lets you go but no one in the other direction will do so.

“Sometimes I am lucky to get straight out but I counted 15 cars in front of me the other day,” she said.

Sue (54) fears that the issue - which even has a Facebook page - will only get worse as the housing developments on the old Annesley pit site progress and more people use the junction.

Although traffic lights have been suggested in the past, Sue thinks that a mini roundabout would be a better solution, as this would allow traffic on the main road to flow when no vehicles are turning out of the Cutting.

“If we raise awareness of this horrendous junction we might be able to get something done,” said Sue, who has contacted local councillors and Ashfield MP Gloria De Piero.

“There will be an accident and it will take an accident to get a roundabout.”

Kendra Hourd, highways manager for Ashfield at Nottinghamshire County Council, said that the council looked into improving the Annesley Cutting junction in 2005.

However, it was found that road widening would be required in order to install lights or a roundabout that would not cause unacceptable congestion.

This would be ‘very problematic and expensive’ because of a watercourse next to the A611, properties neighbouring the road and local opposition to the proposal.

The cost of improving the junction was felt to be beyond available budgets.

She added: “We currently have no plans to provide a roundabout or traffic signals at this junction.

“However, our crash reduction team will continue to monitor accident levels, as they do across the county on a daily basis, and will reinvestigate this further if an above normal incidence of accidents does become apparent.”