Cadet Melanie, 17, saves the life of heart attack victim in Mansfield town centre

Melanie Jeske
Melanie Jeske

A quick-thinking army cadet has been called a ‘credit to Mansfield’ after administering CPR to a man collapsed in the street.

Melanie Jeske,17, found the man collapsed on Leeming Street in Mansfield town centre on Saturday, June 9.

Using skills she had learned in the Army Cadet Force (ACF), she established that he had suffered a cardiac arrest.

Melanie said: “I was just one of the people near by who helped, but because of the training I received in the Cadets I knew instinctively what I had to do and that we needed to act quickly and calmly.”

Melanie began performing CPR and instructed a member of the public to call an ambulance.

She was able to revive the gentleman, but before the paramedics arrived his condition deteriorated and his heart stopped for a second time.

She continued administering CPR to manually pump blood around the patient’s body and get oxygen into his lungs until the ambulance arrived.

Once the professionals took over, Melanie comforted his family and took their contact details so she was able to find out if he was okay once he was taken to hospital, where he is now recovering.

Melanie said:“I am relieved to hear that the gentleman is recovering in hospital. Once I turn 18 I plan to return to the ACF as an instructor so that I can pass on lifesaving skills to others.”

Ben Bradley, Mansfield MP said:“I’m sure everyone at Nottinghamshire ACF are all incredibly proud of her. She is a credit to Mansfield.”

Richard Etherington, spokesman for Nottinghamshire ACF said: “Amongst other things cadets gain recognised St John’s Ambulance qualifications to prepare them for situations just like this .The gentleman was lucky that he took ill near an army cadet. We wish him well.”

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