Wedding plans for Pleasley dress venture

Suzie Troman-Green with two of her wedding dresses which she is selling.
Suzie Troman-Green with two of her wedding dresses which she is selling.

Something old...something new.

A maritally-minded woman has come up with a novel idea for a new business model - by trading in old wedding dresses.

Suzie Troman-Green, from Forest Town, is planning to open her company in Pleasley this summer, and is calling on ladies to part with the gown they wore on their big day.

With so many of her friends tying the knot, the former accountant has been helping them plan their day and came up with the idea.

“It got me thinking,” said the 31-year-old mother of twins.

“Ladies spend hundreds if not thousands of pounds on their spectacular gowns and after the magical day is over they are placed away never to be seen again.

“This is such a shame and a waste.

“Why not try and re-coupe some of that money back and sell their gown onto another excited bride to be?”

The shop, which is to be called The Wedding HQ, will open on Meden Square in August.

And while many shops are suffering because of the internet, it is one of the reasons why Suzie is setting up her new venture.

She added: “There are so many people selling them, you can see them online, but people are reluctant to buy them in case they are not clean or damaged.

“People can spend a fortune on wedding dresses and they can sit their doing nothing.

“Mine takes up massive space, and by the time my daughter grows up the fashion will have changed, so hopefully I will sell mine - my husband will be glad of the space!”