Website hits up for Idlewells Centre

The number of visitors to the Idlewells Shopping Centre’s website is on the up, with 25 per cent more this November compared with the same time the year before.

Ever since year-on-year data became available, the website has recorded increases for visitors and page views every month - with visits up by an average of 51 per cent year-on-year from July to November.

Idlewells has also now started its own Pinterest site. It will use its boards to showcase trends and looks, as well as informing customers what is available to buy. The page can be found at

A free app for customers to download also keeps them updated with news and offers.

Andrew Wraight, centre manager at Idlewells Shopping Centre, said: “we are delighted with the success of our digital strategy.

“We have invested in the website and wider online presence to ensure Idlewells stays ahead of the competition and offers its customers a choice of how to shop, and this is clearly paying dividends.

“We understand how important digital marketing is for many of today’s shoppers so we have embraced changes to bring together the physical and digital retail experience for our customers.

“Introducing Pinterest is the next stage in this development and allows us to tell our customers exactly what’s available for them to buy, as well as provide inspiration about how to wear key trends.

“With the free Idlewells App telling customers about news and offers as well as running regular competitions, a dynamic website and social media outlets, and free WIFI available at the centre, there are now even more ways for Idlewells shoppers to find what they’re looking for.”