WANTED: Your view on homes

Mansfield District Council is asking for people’s views on how many new homes should be built across the District over the next 20 years.

People are being asked to choose one of four options they think is right for the District as a target for the number of homes to be built in the coming years.

The District’s target up to 2026 of 10,600 homes, as set out in the East Midlands plan, will need replacing due to Government proposals to abolish these regional plans. This means that the Council needs to set a new target for the next 20 years.

Once set, the housing target will be included in the Council’s Core Strategy, which sets out the long term vision, objectives and strategy for future development of the District. The options put forward take into account the future demand for housing in Mansfield based on various scenarios and an idea as to the amount of land that would be needed.

In December councillors selected their favoured option which was the highest option (11,100 new homes between 2011 and 2031 – an average of 555 dwellings per year). However, councillors stressed that public consultation was important.

l People can take part in the consultation by visiting www.mansfield.gov.uk/dwellingrequirement.

Information stands will also be held in Mansfield town centre during January.

For further information visit www.mansfield.gov.uk/dwellingrequirement or call 01623 463 195.