UK’s largest wind farm could be built near Shirebrook

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THE largest community-owned wind farm in the UK could be built on countryside between Glapwell and Shirebrook.

Plans have been submitted for six 125-metre wind turbines on a 450-acre site south of Roseland Wood, shown on the map, above, which could bring in more than £750,000 each year to the local economy.

Roseland Community Energy Trust has been working on the project for the past three years and say communities in Mansfield, Ashfield and Bolsover will benefit.

A 1,000-page plan has been submitted to Bolsover District Council and, if approved, it will be the largest community-owned project of its type in the UK.

A Government report last week backed the building of on-shore wind farms stating they were worth £548m to the UK last year.

As previously reported in Chad, plans have also been submitted by Barlborough-based company Banks Renewables to build two 125-metre turbines on Losk Lane - just a couple of miles west of the Roseland site.

Scarcliffe Parish Council has objected both proposals.

Chairman Derek Chappell said of the Roseland project: “We have made a unanimous decision to stongly object. It is far too close to dwellings.”

Dozens of objection letters have been submitted by residents, English Heritage and Natural England.

Glapwell Parish Council has also registered its opposition to the Losk Lane development and will decide on Roseland at its next meeting.

However, parish council chairman, Tony Trafford, who helped set up the Bolsover Energy Partnership, has been working closely on the Roseland project and is fully behind the scheme.

“All the money gained from it will go back into the local community,” he said.

“The commercial proposal could bring in about £7,000 a year we are hoping this one could bring up to £1million a year.

“It will provide a renewable energy source which could produce enough energy to run Bolsover town.

“Of course there will be opposition, mainly from people who think it will effect the value of their homes. Some people don’t like the look of wind turbines and let’s be frank, they are big.

“They are a bit like Marmite, some people think they look fantastic and others hate them.”

Coun Trafford said a recent survey by the RSPB revealed no evidence of wind turbines having a harmful effect on birds.

The plans will be discussed at Glapwell Parish Council’s meeting later this month but Coun Trafford will not be allowed to take part due to his involvement with the project.

It is hoped the Roseland proposal will go before Bolsover District Council’s planning committee by the end of the year. The Losk Lane farm plan will be decided in the summer.

To view the applications visit and search for 12/00159/FULEA for the Roseland project and 10/00463/FULEA for the Losk Lane plans.