Trailer plans trashed for brewery site

NMAC11-2227-2.jpg'Mansfield Brewery Site
NMAC11-2227-2.jpg'Mansfield Brewery Site

Plans to continue using Mansfield Brewery’s old site as a trailer storage park have been rejected, with hopes the derelict site will eventually be developed.

The site on Littleworth, which has stood vacant for more than a decade, is being used by SDC Trailers who has leased the land since February of this year.

Prior to this, the site had stood vacant since the brewery closed in 2002.

The buildings on the site were eventually bulldozed and cleared in late 2008.

But the application was unanimously voted down by Mansfield District Council’s planning committee during a recent meeting, along with a second application to continue storing trailers on former brewery land off Gibbons Road and Sheepbridge Lane.

Coun Martin Wright said: “I don’t think this application has gone one thing going for it.

“It’s retrospective, it’s inconvenient for everybody and our town.”

Coun Katrina Atherton added: “We have got a vision for Mansfield, we want to see good, solid development on this site, and this isn’t it.”

More than 11 letters of objection to the plans were also received from nearby residents, saying the site should be used for light industrial, commercial or housing purposes.

Littleworth resident, Anne Marie Bridges, addressed the planning committee to strongly object to the trailer storage proposal.

She said: “I feel that my home on Littleworth and my personal well being is being undermined due to lack of sleep, caused by the site operating 24/7.

“I have the right to a better quality of life I’m experiencing at the moment.

“I must disagree with the statement in the planning report that this application has obvious benefits for offering employment and will help develop the local economy.

“What employment does this site offer? It’s not created a single job.

“How does dumping storage trailers on a site which has not been developed in any way and still looks derelict, encourage entrepreneurs to invest in our town?”

The brewery dates back to 1855 and by the mid 20th century was one of the biggest employers in the town, operating more than 420 pubs.

In 1999 the company was taken over by Wolverhampton & Dudley Breweries, which spelt the beginning of the end of the site as production was swiftly moved to the West Midlands.

Sales of Mansfield beers plummeted with drinkers complaining the taste of the beers had been adversely affected because it was no longer brewed using the locally-sourced hard water found in the town.