Tenancy law workshops for residential landlords

SUTTON law firm Fidler & Pepper Solicitors has organised breakfast seminars aimed at helping buy-to-let landlords learn more about their legal responsibilities.

Ideal for new landlords and those needing to refresh their knowledge, the first of the two seminars takes place on Thursday, 24th May and covers basic tenancy law, such as agreements, deposits, obligations and tenant responsibilities.

The second seminar, on 14th June, looks at when and how landlords can end tenancy agreements, the notice process and how court proceedings need to be handled.

Solicitor Rebecca Brough commented: “Being a landlord can be rewarding but the legal obligations can often be a minefield, particularly if you are a new landlord or have a troublesome tenant.

“These workshops will provide invaluable guidance from solicitors with expertise in this field and, as the workshops are limited to 10 attendees, people will be able to gain one-to-one support.”

l Each workshop, charged at £25 (incl VAT) per person, takes place between 9.30and 11am at Fidler and Pepper’s Low Street office, Sutton.

The fee will be deducted from bills should attendees go on to instruct Fidler & Pepper in landlord matters.

People can book online at www.fidler.co.uk/seminars, or by contacting Rebecca Brough by phone on 01623 451111 or by emailing her at rbrough@fidler.co.uk