Plans to build 102 houses in Sutton turned down

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NEWS: News.

A decision to turn down a controversial planning application for more than 100 houses on a Sutton green-field site has been greeted as a victory for democracy by protestors.

Ashfield District Council Planning Committee has rejected an outline planning application for the construction of 102 homes and associated access on 4.12 acres of land to the rear of Alfreton Road.

The application from a Mr and Mrs Doncaster, also included the demolition of 251 Alfreton Road for a new junction.

Residents submitted a 215-signature petition objecting to the proposal on grounds of it being contrary to the Local Plan policy, and the Emerging Local Plan policy, which both designate the site as Open Area.

More than 30 objectors attended the meeting at the Council Chamber on Wednesday.

Residents were concerned the development would increase existing traffic volume problems on the busy road which was already being used as a rat run.

There were worries about pedestrian safety including school children, the impact on wildlife and the loss of agricultural land.

Objectors claimed local schools could not cope with the additional development and a further strain on doctors, dentists and police services.

The proposal was recommended by planning officers, being in accordance with the Council’s strategic objectives in term of regeneration and growth and the provision of housing demonstrated as required, by the council’s current lack of a deliverable five year housing land supply.

Addressing the meeting on behalf of the applicants, Nick Basely said: ”The site is in an eminently sustainable location and the proposal comprises a sustainable form of development. In the absence of an up-to-date Local Plan and a five year housing land supply, national planning policy is very clear. It states that planning permission for sustainable development should be granted unless the adverse effects of doing so would “significantly” and “demonstrably” outweigh the benefits.” He said the site was already in the main urban area, and the proposal would improve local highway safety.

Christian Wakelin of Alfreton Road, asked: “Many local residents were actively involved in the steering group and public consultations. On what basis should this ad-hoc application overwrite all the work and consultation?”

An appeal against the decision is expected.

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