Plans for new Co-op in Pleasley submitted to council

Plans to create a new supermarket on the site of a former Chinese restaurant in Pleasley have been submitted to Mansfield District Council.

The development of a new Co-op store, on Chesterfield Road North, will see the demolition of the former China Fong restaurant and Ye Old Plough Inn, in favour of a “new convenience store which benefits the local community”.

The new Co-op will see the old China Fong restaurant demolished.

The new Co-op will see the old China Fong restaurant demolished.

The plans have been submitted by Bains Property Developers and The Planning Hub on behalf of Co-op, which has a number of stores across north Nottinghamshire.

The former China Fong restaurant closed in the summer, with the site being vacant for a number of months.

Matt Hubbard, of the Planning Hub, said: “The last use of the premises was clearly a Chinese restaurant, the signage for which remains in situ on the premises.

“The premises are now vacant, having closed during the summer of 2018.

A visual mock up of the site.

A visual mock up of the site.

“At present the site is bordered by residential development to the north and west, and an operational children’s nursery to the south.

“With the previous pub and restaurant uses of the site it is fair to say that there is a mix of development within this area.

“The pub and restaurant uses of the existing buildings would have been a late-night use which, whilst attracting locals and passing trade alike, could have resulted in noise and disturbance issues to the nearby residential properties.

“The existing premises are closed and are currently of no economic benefit to the local area at all.

“There is insufficient space within the building for a conversion scheme, so it is logical to seek permission to redevelopment the site with a bespoke store.

“This will clearly benefit the local population in terms of seven convenience shopping at the same time as bringing an economic benefit back to the site.

“There are no similar stores within the area other than a small corner shop some 350 metres to the south of the application site on Chesterfield Road North, and the Post Office within the village.

“With the expanding population in this area, especially to the south of the application site at Pleasley Hill, it is clear that there is a good demand for this type of retail unit within this area.

“Such stores have stable revenue streams and competitive pricing, as well as being a good source of local employment.

“It should therefore greatly benefit both the local community and local economy accordingly.”

Plans for the new Co-op store must now be discussed by Mansfield District Council’s planning committee.