OLLERTON: Shadow minister meets ex-miners

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Shadow Minister for Work and Pensions Chris Bryant MP visited Ollerton yesterday (5th November) to meet former miners and their widows who have lost out on concessionary coal payments.

Hundreds of the regions miners lost out on free coal for life and a cut in their pensions after UK Coal went into administration earlier this year.

The MP for Rhondda toured the Ollerton area and spoke to residents about fuel prices, before meeting up with former miners and their relatives at Ollerton Town Hall.

Leonie Mathers, prospective parliamentary candidate for Sherwood, organised the visit.

She said: “We had a really productive day and spoke to a lot of people who have been impacted by the scrapping of concessionary fuel for former employees of UK Coal.

“I am calling on David Cameron to give these people the same entitlement as miners and their widows who retired as employees of the National Coal Board, who still get this benefit, which is worth up to £1,500 a year.”