Nottinghamshire County Council seek views from manufacturing firms

The Economic Development Team at Nottinghamshire County Council would like to support the manufacturing sector!

They need to speak to businesses within advanced manufacturing area, or manufacturing more generally. They are seeking views on the area and where value can be added in some way, so that might be talking about issues such as supply chains, exporting, access to some of the support currently available, employment and skills etc. All they are asking for is a half an hour or so conversation on the phone with the companies, just to talk to them about some of these things.

They have an Economic Development team that can dedicate time to specific projects, for example the university they said there was interest in organising factory visits between businesses, learning from each other/sharing best practice. That is just one example, another would be things like meet the buyer events, trying to help smaller companies get onto the supply chains of larger companies/public sector bodies.

They would also look to influence things like employment and skills, so for example promoting manufacturing careers at schools.

Additionally, with loans and grants for businesses soon coming through the D2N2 Local Enterprise Partnership, they are looking to have some influence on where it goes, so they can encourage more funding towards the Manufacturing Advisory Service, or support with exporting is an issue and encourage more funding for UKTI in our area.

If you would like to have your say please contact Caroline Cox for further details: 01623 422010. Or email: