New store planned for Ravenshead

Plans have been submitted to demolish a Ravenshead car showroom and replace it with a supermarket.

Sainsbury’s have made the application to Gedling Borough Council to convert the site at Larch Farm in the village into one of its local stores.

The supermarket giant plans to landscape the Nottingham Road site, which will including space for cars and disabled drivers.

Planners acting for Sainsbury’s state: “The site is currently used as a car dealership. It has little aesthetic value and provides a poor first impression to visitors. It’s development will improve the character and appearance of the site.”

Documentation submitted as part of the application process states that the store will be located around a kilometre from the Ravenshead village centre.

It states that it should have no direct financial impact on the local retail economy, but concedes that it would be in competition with a Spar store located in the village.

Planners representing the supermarket chain said the store will serve a ‘top-up function’ for shoppers, to supplement their larger weekly shops.

Currently shoppers travel to Arnold, Calverton and Southwell to carry our smaller shops, and the report stated that this would have a knock-on effect on retailers in the wider area.

The proposed site is close to local residential housing and planners state that the junction of Main Road and Nottingham Road will still perform adequately.