New information pack promotes Derbyshire’s biggest broadband improvement programme

A new information pack has been launched to promote work to deliver Derbyshire’s biggest ever broadband transformation.

Derbyshire County Council is leading the Digital Derbyshire campaign which will invest at least £14.78m to bring the county’s biggest ever broadband improvement by 2015.

There are 180,000 properties in so called ‘white areas’ where speeds are currently less than 2Mbps and the work of Digital Derbyshire will ensure that all areas of the county receive improved broadband connectivity.

The new information packs will be used to promote the work of Digital Derbyshire at events across the county.

They include background information on the Digital Derbyshire programme, a guide to breakdown internet jargon, and case studies of residents and businesses who have benefitted from superfast broadband.

Coun Kevin Parkinson, Derbyshire County Council Cabinet Member for Regeneration, said: “We’ve made it one of our top priorities to deliver better broadband for Derbyshire because modern everyday life is increasingly dependent on it.

“Our work will ensure improved connectivity and boost speeds across Derbyshire, particularly in rural areas.

“We know residents and businesses get frustrated with poor connections at home. We want people not to have to think twice about working from home, running a business from a remote location, doing home banking, keeping in touch with people overseas, and using the internet for home entertainment.”

Coun Parkinson added: “We’re working hard to reach our goals but we can’t achieve them alone and it’s vitally important that as many people as possible support the Digital Derbyshire campaign to help us attract further investment and maximise the programme’s success.

“The new information pack gives an insight into the work of Digital Derbyshire and helps break down a lot of technological jargon which sometimes act as a barrier to would-be internet users.”

Copies of the Digital Derbyshire information pack are available from all Derbyshire County Council libraries, children’s centres and adult education centres.

An electronic version can be downloaded from the Digital Derbyshire microsite at
Residents and businesses are also being urged to show their support for the Digital Derbyshire campaign for better broadband at the microsite.

Already over 1,300 people have pledged their support at and the more residents and businesses demonstrating demand for better broadband the greater chance of further investment.