New Houghton IT company perks up bid to cut costs.

NMAC11-1645-5'Roger Neale, New Houghton, Business Monthly.
NMAC11-1645-5'Roger Neale, New Houghton, Business Monthly.

A NEW Houghton IT company says it can save businesses across the district thousands of pounds a year - thanks to an innovative new computer programme.

The Soft Expand system allows up to six multiple users to save business data, work and information on to a single computer.

Business need to buy one computer along with six licences, keyboards and mouses for the system to be compatible.

Soft Expand has been around for three years, with Perkeo Computer Systems Ltd, which is based on Recreation Road, promoting its sale over the last 12 months to schools and local councils.

Roger Neale, Perkeo’s managing director, said: “This system has the potential to save thousands on licensing costs and maintanence costs, as well as in many other areas.

“Soft Expand has been found to save 83 per cent on licence costs, 83 per cent on buying the computer and results in an 83 per cent saving on electricity bills, as well as helping to dramatically reduce a businesses carbon footprint.

“This system is ideal for companies who are struggling, corporate companies or for start-up or micro businesses needing more computer space.

“I recently dealt with Nottinghamshire County Council and they were able to make £750,000 savings over a three-year period after replacing 5,000 computers.”

Roger, who has been involved in IT since 1982, is now hopeful that the innovate programme will help drive the business he formed in 1992 forward.

Said Roger: “We are hopeful that this can really help take the business forward over the next year or two.

“We have got some good leads at the moment. Word seems to be getting out about Perkeo and we are starting to take off.”

Perkeo are offering the entry level system free or charge, with a free 90-day trial, as long as businesses sign up to a £15 a month maintenance feel.

For further details visit or contact Roger Neale by calling 07714 670789, 01623 857972, emailing