MP hits out over jobless figures

MANSFIELD MP Sir Alan Meale has criticised the Government for “its lack of efforts on the economy to keep people in work in the UK”.

He spoke out after the latest figures for Mansfield showed that 552 more people were out of work in the area.

Sir Alan, who said he intended to raise the matter in Parliament pointing out to ministers the need for economic action to stimulate the local economy, added: “The facts are all there to see.

“The Government is more interested in supporting banks and protecting high bonuses than protecting the UK economy.

“This can be seen by the huge amount of time they give to banks and foreign investment.

“They have been lacking in any direct action to introduce measures to keep people in employment rather than on the dole.

“Even the CBS is now crying out for cuts in VAT to stimulate the retail economy, the need of which can be seen in Mansfield’s town centre where closed shops are now on every corner.”