Mansfield recruitment firm says jobs vacated by Europeans are not being filled by locals

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A Mansfield-based recruitment company have said that since Brexit, less European workers are applying for jobs... and they are struggling to fill roles.

Jordana Jackson, from Orbital Recruitment said: “A lot of the jobs we have are for warehouse roles, like picking, packing and dispatching, and there are just not enough people to fill these roles.”

She added that since Brexit, many European workers who would usually apply for these roles haven’t applied due to the uncertainty.

Mrs Jackson said that she had not seen anything like this in the time she had worked in recruitment.

She added: “We have seventy to a hundred warehouse jobs unfilled at the moment, and we are accommodating to people’s needs - we need part-time and full-time workers.”

Although no formal qualifications are needed to fill the roles, applicants will need a grasp of written and verbal English.

She added that Orbital would be flexible to peoples needs who are applying for the roles.

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