Mansfield motorists welcome fuel prices...but are eager to see further cuts

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Motorists in Mansfield have given the thumbs up to falling petrol prices, but are still waiting to see it fall under £1 a litre.

Thanks to the price of oil falling globally, prices at the pumps have been dropping for several months.

Arthur Chapman

Arthur Chapman

A barrel of oil had been at around $110 last year, but prices began to fall sharply in June last year and now sits at less than half that.

This has been caused by a weak demand in many countries due to struggling economic growth, coupled with surge of production in the United States.

As a result, the cost of a litre of unleaded petrol had topped out at around £1.30, but is now around £1.06.

Experts predict that the price could even drop below the £1 mark, the cheapest it has been since 2009.

Maurice Meakin

Maurice Meakin

Mansfield motorist Arthur Chapman told Chad: “I keep reading that it should be cheaper, lower than what it is now.

“They said after Christmas it should be under £1, so it 
will be interesting to see if it does.

“I don’t do many miles, but the price makes a difference when you are a pensioner.”

Motorist Gail Richardson added: “I heard it was meant to be below a £1, but I’ll believe that when I see it.

“It was getting ridiculous when it was about £1.30, so it’s nice to see it down I suppose.”

Rob Jenkins, who livers in South Yorkshire said: “It’s good but it’s bound to go back up again.

“I do quite a lot of miles so I’m saving quite a bit of 

“I never thought it would come down like this, but 
it’s always going to be expensive.

Motorist Maurice Meakin questioned whether the price of diesel would follow.

“Diesel is more expensive than petrol, it never used be,” he said.

“I wish I’d got a petrol car now!

“The Government encouraged people to drive diesels because it’s cleaner.”