Mansfield and Ashfield workers put in most hours in Notts

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Statistics show that on average, workers in Mansfield and Ashfield average the longest hours in Notts.

The average working week in England is 39.1 hours, but hard working Mansfield employees are putting in 40.1 hours per week.

In Ashfield, the average worker puts in 40.2 hours per week.

The average weekly hours worked is the mean total hours worked for full-time workers only.

The most recent data from 2017 from the Office of National Statistics shows that working hours vary across the county, with Rushcliffe workers clocking up an average of 38 hours per week, and Gelding workers putting in 38.3.

Workers in Ashfield earned on average £23,311 per year, with Mansfield workers earning slightly less at £21,623.

The average annual earnings in England is £29,578.

Richard Fuller, Mansfield and Ashfield 2020 Board Member said: “I believe that people in the Mansfield and Ashfield area are extremely hardworking, team spirited and proud to be part of the local community.

An extra hour a week in the Mansfield and Ashfield 2020 community demonstrates we have a strong and vibrant workforce, which helps to attract new businesses to the area and makes the local economy thrive.

One of the benefits of both living and working locally is that individuals often have significantly lower commuter times than those living in areas such as Nottingham.

There’s one thing for certain, no one in this area is shy of hard work.”