Job loss fears in Pinxton as mining machinery giant Joy Global announces centre closure

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There are fears of job losses in the Pinxton area with the closure of a mining machinery company’s service centre.

Multinational mining machinery giant Joy Global has announced it is to close its Pinxton centre and transfer services to sites at Worcester and Wigan.

A spokesman for the GMB union said: “ Following the announcement to the workforce on Thursday 6th March 2014, that Joy Global propose to close the Pinxton facility and transfer services to the sites at Worcester and Wigan, The GMB Trade Union have entered into a 45 day consultation period with the company to discuss ways in which to mitigate the number of redundancies”.

It is understood more than 140 people work at the Kirkby Lane centre.

In a statement the company said: “Joy Global Eurasia (with operations in the UK, Russia, Poland and India) is a worldwide leader in high-productivity mining solutions.

“We’re always reviewing all aspects of our business, including our UK locations. We regularly evaluate how we do business and deliver on customer expectations. We have been looking at our UK locations over a period of time, and we are currently faced with a dynamic economic climate.

“As part of that process the Service Centre at Pinxton has been reviewed and our proposal is that it should relocate to Worcester.

“Up to 70 jobs could be impacted throughout Eurasia by the end of October 2014.

“We will continue to consider means of limiting the effect on employees, including but not limited to, voluntary redundancies, transfer to other UK locations, facilitating training and moving to a new office in the Pinxton area for some employees, together with those matters brought to the fore during the consultation process with the affected parties.”

The company would continue to seek to minimise the effect on the workforce, and retain core skills.