It’s 2020 vision for BBC man Hugh Pyym


BBC chief economics correspondent, Hugh Pym, right, is pictured with Irvin Robinson, chairman of Mansfield 2020, and the group’s operation’s manager, Sam Saunders, at the business networking organisation’s monthly meeting at Mansfield Civic Centre last Wednesday.

Mr Pym spoke to the organisation’s members about the current turmoil affecting the Eurozone, as well as future outlook for the British economy.

He also answered questions on a number of topics from the floor - including one from Mansfield youth mayor Daniel Winfield about the plight of youngsters trying to get work.

Speaking afterwards, 2020 chairman, Mr Robinson, said he was delighted with how the event went.

“Amid all the economic turmoil and political turmoil with what’s going on in Europe, he gave an absolutely fantastic overview of what’s happening - and a reassurance that although there’s plenty of work to be done, things are moving gradually at a brick at a time in the right direction,” he said.

He added that Mr Pym had told him that he was ‘impressed’ with the event and the questions put to him by members.

Mr Robinson also hoped that the BBC man would be ‘willing to work’ with 2020 ‘going forward’.