Huthwaite pensioner still waiting for refund from energy firm

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The family of a Sutton pensioner who has been waiting four months for a refund from a green energy assessor is demanding action from the company.

Malcolm Turner (79), of Huthwaite, paid Tivium Ltd £299 to assess his home for its suitability to have an energy-efficient boiler installed as part of Government Green Deal funding.

Mr Turner was cold-called by Tivium but had second thoughts after agreeing to the assessment fee and asked for a refund the next day.

His son-in-law, Russ Roberts (50), of Dalesforth Road, Sutton, said after repeated letters and phone calls to secure the refund the family was on the verge of giving up.

“Do I think we will get the money back? No, I do not,” said Mr Roberts.

“I just want people to be aware. My father-in-law is not really hard-up, but £300 is a lot of money and there are people out there who do not have that much.

“It is disgusting that someone can be cold-called and they take the money from an account before an engineer has even been out. Then there is no feedback when you try and call them.”

Under the scheme the Government’s Department of Energy and Climate Change offers households up to £5,600 for certain energy savings measures.

Tivium Ltd surveys homes then arranges the Green Deal before arranging an installation.

The company has hit national headlines for installation delays following assessments and has admitted that of the 6,000 Green Deal assessments it has carried out, less than 1 per cent have resulted in equipment being installed.

In July the firm was being investigated by STROMA, the organisation that accredits Green Deal installers.

Tivium was contacted for comment prior to publication but none was forthcoming.