How 2020 has helped businesses

Three businesses in Mansfield 2020 are the latest members to have used the partnership to their advantage creating new business opportunities.

Xposure Creative Brand Marketing and A Star Media have worked together to create a themed birthday party website for fellow Mansfield 2020 member Making It!

Xposure used their creative team to design and develop the website for the themed party company, advertising the range of themes and parties supplied by Making It!

The themes range from pirates, princesses to circus clowns and the site, gives users the opportunity to browse, menus, costume ideas and prices.

Mansfield-based video and film production company A Star Media, worked alongside Xposure and Making It! to produce a promotional video for the company, that’s now available on the homepage of the site, which went live this summer.

Making It! are already experiencing increased demand since the site launched and are on their way to achieving their goal of becoming the go-to children’s party planning organisation in Mansfield.

The collaboration between these three members of Mansfield 2020, illustrates the partnership’s continued value and opportunities that the network has created for Mansfield businesses since its creation in 1991.