Heavy floods causes Mansfield gym closures - but members won’t be reimbursed

Water Meadows, Mansfield
Water Meadows, Mansfield

Parts of a leisure centre had to close for the third time this year because heavy rainfall flooded parts of the gym - but members are being told they will not reimbursed.

Customers have been left feeling frustrated after the Water Meadows Swimming and Fitness Complex on Bath Street, Mansfield closed for four days recently on 8th August.

Parts of the gym first had to be closed this year on 10th June due to torrential rain and the council started repair work to the drains inside the building, but this wasn’t sufficient enough to stop the building flooding again.

It is thought the repairs worked to a degree because only part of the gym flooded and the leisure centre was able to open quicker this time than on previous occasions.

Nicola Marriott, of Welbeck Square, Sutton said: “This is such a regular thing. It has got to be at least three times in a month now. My daughter who is a student having to pay £20 a month for membership, when this is the third/fourth time it has flooded with absolutely no talk or offer of any refunds for loss of services. I think this is disgusting when my daughter is on such a low income anyway being a student.”

Water Meadows Leisure Centre said they will not be reimbursing anyone with a membership and are currently looking at, if anything, they can do to keep disruption to a minimum if this were to happen again.

A spokesman for Mansfield District Council said: “Over the last three months there have been three occasions when there has been an unprecedented rainfall over a short period of time which has resulted in the gym being flooded.

“There are four internal drainpipes which take water from the roof into the drain. These downpipes and the internal man-hole covers have been unable to cope with the volume of water.

“This has resulted in the seals to the downpipes failing and water coming up through the manhole.

“We have done some remedial works to the down-pipes and the plan is now to cap off the drain that runs underneath the gym. We are hopeful this will solve the problem.”