Hard-working miners could mean Thoresby closes early than expected

Thoresby Colliery
Thoresby Colliery

Efficient workers at Thoresby Colliery could mean the pit closes quicker than anticipated, coal bosses have said.

Mining at the site is set to come to an end on 24th July, but UK Coal says those working on the current seam could finish two weeks before then, although they will continue to be paid until the original closure date.

A spokesman for UK Coal said: “They are mining quicker than expected, so it could mean they finish on Friday, 10th July.

“They will still be employed until 24th July.

“Although it officially closes, there will still be men working on the site for a few months after that, coal processing and undertaking safety obligations.”

Since it was announced last year that the pit would close, Sherwood MP Mark Spencer has maintained his admiration for the workers whom he described as being professional, efficient and hard-working.

The pit is the last remaining deep mine in Nottinghamshire, and was earmarked for closure because of falling coal prices.

The pit in Kellingley, South Yorkshire, will also close.

Several attempts to salvage the industry failed with the final nail in the coffin coming in March, when the Government refused to finance a £338m package to keep it open for at least another three years, claiming it was not value for money.

UK Coal announced in early 2014 that they were in financial trouble, blaming cheap coal from abroad and the strength of the pound against the dollar for their demise.

An intermediate rescue package from the Government prevented the pit from closing last year, although hundreds of miners were laid off.

Union members insist that the pit, which still has untouched seams, could still be profitable and had called for investors to step forward.