Guest columnist Mark Spencer MP calls on the BBC to bring more jobs to the Midlands

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It has been a very busy few weeks across Westminster and the constituency, and I have been working on a number of issues.

There is one in particular I have been debating in Parliament this week.

I am pushing for more investment and more jobs for our area from the BBC. At the minute, people in the Midlands get much less in return for their licence fee than anywhere else in the country.

While we in this area contribute 25 per cent of the BBC’s licence fee funding, we only receive about two per cent of its investment.

Every single region other than London has seen an increase in their funding over the last five years, but ours has fallen by 35 per cent.

This may seem like a wider issue that will not have an impact on us locally, but the BBC is a huge corporation with a lot of power to bring money and jobs to our area.

We are the only region not to have a network television studio, so we miss out on all of the opportunities that would create.

If we can get our fair share of funding that would mean over £400 million in new investment to the Midlands.

It would create new jobs for and bring in more income through tourism to places featured in programmes.

The BBC themselves say that for every pound they spend on making programmes they generate two more for local economies in this way.

We have so much history, so many stories to tell and so many beautiful landscapes that deserve their on-screen moment, so it is in everyone’s interests to push the BBC for equality.

I want to see them here in this constituency making programmes about our heritage and getting as many local people involved as possible.

I have been working on a lot of other issues too, and you can keep track of them online at, where you can also sign up for my regular newsletter.

I will keep fighting for a better deal for our area, and I look forward to maybe seeing some of you appearing on BBC programmes one day soon.