Green move for Kirkby firm

KIRKBY company Mercury Packaging has increased its eco credentials by investing in a new plant that aims to cut its carbon footprint.

Mercury - which is based at Lowmoor Business Park and is a leading packaging manufacturer and printer for the food, publishing, fulfilment, retail and security markets - has now invested in a state-of-the-art Solvent Abatement Plant to cut emissions caused in this process and heat the building.

Managing director at Mercury, Tony Stanger, said: “We take our environmental responsibilities extremely seriously and as a result have invested heavily in an EZ Air Pollution system from Italian company Ecociprea.

“Not only will this help to solve environmental problems from different industrial processes such as printing, it will help to make cost savings for us in the long term.”

The EZ Air system works by purifying the air polluted by VOCs (volatile organic compounds such as solvent vapours) emitted during the print process and will allow Mercury to generate warm air which they can redirect back into the building, with the intention of reducing their heating costs in the future.

The investment is in line with the Solvent Emissions Directive.