Firm sets the way in the value of branding

Lauren and Marc Swarbrick at Abstrakt Creative in Annesley Woodhouse
Lauren and Marc Swarbrick at Abstrakt Creative in Annesley Woodhouse

IMAGE is everything if you are to get ahead in the current economic climate, and by putting other companies on the map, one firm is carving out a growing reputation for itself.

Abstrakt Creative has been running a creative design studio for more than six years, and continues to go from strength to strength having racked an impressive portfolio of satisfied customers.

As the vision of founder Lauren and Marc Swarbrick, they chose to open their studio to specialise in assisting other companies when it comes to branding, graphic designing and digital communication.

And such has been their success, they are busy taking on more staff at their Annesley Woodhouse office.

They have taken on a freelance worker in recent weeks, and have a young work placement employee throughout the summer.

Lauren, who has a background in marketing, said: “We are now looking to bring in another designer because things are going really well. Our client base is growing.

“We won the tender for the Tangent enterprise centre in Shirebrook, which is a massive project for us.

“It’s usually slow for us over the summer but this year it’s gone crazy.

“It’s exciting times because we really have some good contracts on the go.”

As well as handling the work for the new £4.7 million Tangent project, Abstrakt Creative is also working with NET, the compnay which runs the tram system in Nottingham.

Marc, who has been a graphic designer since leaving college, said they made the decision to set up their own business because they felt they could “do the job just as well ourselves, or maybe better”.

And he says that due to the recession, company owners are beginning to see the importance of branding.

“I think people realise that if you are going to survive you have to market yourselves.

“Business is better now than it ever has been.

“We notice when the recession first hit we saw a drop, but people now know that they need to invest in their business.”