Fewer young people picking up benefits in Mansfield and Ashfield, statistics show

Fewer people are needing the Jobcentre
Fewer people are needing the Jobcentre

Hundreds of young people in our region are continuing to being moved out of the dole queue and into work, recent figures have shown.

The official employment statistics show that employment and is continuing to rise across the East Midlands, with fewer people claiming Job Seekers’ Allowance (JSA).

And Mansfield and Ashfield are a part of that trend, with the 18-24 age category leading the way.

Overall, from April 2014 to 2015, there has been a 37 per cent drop in young people claiming JSA from Mansfield Jobcentre, from 655 down to 415.

At Ashfield, it’s a similar trend, with 485 young people drawing JSA down from 700 last year - a fall of 31 per cent.

Across all age categories, there is a 29 per cent drop in Mansfield, with 1,675 claiming JSA - 700 fewer than in April 2014.

Ashfield has 757 fewer making claims, down to 1,735, a drop of 30 per cent.

Andy Pidluznyj, senior operations leader in Nottinghamshire for the Department for Work and Pensions, said: “There’s a continuation of the trend, and if you look year on year, it’s a significant improvement with the figures heading in the same direction.

“It’s a very healthy picture all round and it’s been happening for some time.

“It’s not came as a surprise, but it’s hard to pin it down to one particular thing, there’s not been something major that has had a massive 

“There are just more opportunities available for people who are fitting in into their jobs.

“The labour market is certainly more buoyant.

“It’s something that is consistent across the whole of the East Midlands.”

Sarah Nelson, manager at Mansfield BID, said: “This continues to be great news for Mansfield and can be seen by the new businesses that are also establishing themselves in the town. Mansfield is part of a Healthy High Street Campaign which is backed by Boots, Santander, M&S and the Co-Op and the main aim of this campaign is return civic pride back to Mansfield particularly in the younger generation and alter the perception that Mansfield has nothing to offer.

“These new statistics show that this is now becoming the case.

“More and more younger people are staying in Mansfield to work and are becoming more proud of their own town. If we all continue to work together and send this positive message out about Mansfield then we will only go from strength to strength.”