Easing the pain of arthritis is a big job

Major medical research charity Arthritis Research UK is undergoing rapid transformation and aims to double its spending on research, policy and information for sufferers of all forms of arthritis by 2020.

To achieve this ambitious objective the charity is recruiting new staff across all areas but particularly in fundraising, policy and communications.

The fourth-largest medical research charity in the UK and the leading authority on all forms of arthritis, its head office is in Chesterfield, with a new office opening recently in London.

In order to expand efficiently and effectively the charity is utilising the expertise provided by Jobs Today.

Already Jobs Today has sourced five of the charity’s most recent recruits and will be assisting with filling another 40 planned vacancies over the next 12 months.

Becky Carley, human resources officer at Arthritis Research UK:says “As the fourth largest medical research charity in the UK, we have already achieved a lot.

“Since our formation in 1936 the treatment of arthritis has changed beyond recognition.

“With the vision of a future free from the pain and suffering caused by arthritis, we are committed to an ambitious 10-year strategy with 10 clear goals.

“We are seeking to double our size by 2020 with an increasing focus on effective fundraising strategies which will enable us to fund the very best scientific work that will make a real difference to people’s lives.

“We’re currently recruiting to support our ambitious growth plans, and with 52 planned vacancies for the current year we needed a fast and efficient recruitment programme.

“As a charity the recruitment budget is tight so we always look to obtain the best value for money whilst making sure that we attract candidates with the skills and experience we need to succeed.

“Jobs Today have provided not only excellent value for money and fantastic customer service but have been successful in sourcing five of our most recent new recruits.

“The customer service and personal attention from their team is second to none and having very quickly grasped an insight to our organisation, placing a vacancy is just a quick phone call or email away.

“New members of staff have commented that the application process is quick and easy and even when searching for suitable vacancies through search engines, they have been directed to the Jobs Today site.

“As a recruiter, managing applications through the online account is simple and applications can even be sorted, selected and messaged through a simple process which saves a great deal of time.”