DERBYSHIRE: Black bin capacity could be slashed by a quarter

NDET 10-9-13 RKH 21 Black bin
NDET 10-9-13 RKH 21 Black bin

Households could be forced to buy their own bins with the size of black bins reduced by 25 per cent, under new proposals.

Bolsover and North East Derbyshire District Councils are proposing newly issued black bins be reduced from a 240 litre capacity to 180 litres.

In plans for a joint waste and recycling collection policy, they also call on residents to buy their own bins at new build properties – at a cost of £58.

The policy, which was approved by NEDDC at last month’s cabinet meeting still needs approval from Bolsover District Council, but could see each council saving £14,000 per year.

A spokesman for the councils said: “The proposals would see a fee applied to first bin provision at new build properties – to be met by the developer or owner. It is important to be clear that this isn’t a blanket fee which will affect all residents and is in line with many other local authorities.

“We propose to reduce the black bin size in response to reducing waste levels disposed at landfill. Our residents continue to be excellent recyclers and have reduced their reliance on the black bin. If larger families don’t have enough bin space we can provide extra bin capacity. People should contact their council for more information.”